Valuable and delicate: Raw coffee

Green coffee

We have been working with renowned coffee importers in Switzerland for decades. We organise the transport from the sea ports to Switzerland, and in Basle take care of checking and taking samples of the goods. Weight checking is carried out to an accuracy of 100 grams, and our scales are checked regularly by the Canton Office of Weights and Measures in Basle.
Establishing the tare of sacks and the humidity etc. are part of our daily work. If required, we will arrange loose loading into silo lorries or into containers provided by the customer.

Selected wine bottles in qualified hands

Wine, Champagne, Spirits

Working with regional partners, we are engaged in importing wine from throughout France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and overseas
Moor Transport is well-versed in matters of customs duties and quotas and can if required provide appropriate storage accomodation.
Customs certified scales

Customs certified scales

Other logistics services

We offer you a wide range of other services. For example outsourcing of your distribution chain or parts of it. Our employees will then take care from storing, picking and packing to dispatching and even billing.
Services in the field of warehousing are provided by our subsidiary Volta Haus AG. Whereas Transabal Transport AG, also a subsidiary can be consultated when it comes to special transports, heavy loads or complicated project transports.
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